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電子・物理工学セミナー「超高真空における電子刺激脱離と直流放電現象の関係」KEK 山本将博

電子・物理工学専攻セミナー 2018/6/8


講師:高エネルギー加速器研究機構 山本将博先生
日時:H30年6月8日(金) 15時30分〜
場所:工学系F棟8階 F800会議室

High brightness electron source is a key device to realize future accelerators such as high repetition rate X-FEL and high luminosity of the electron-ion collider. DC-gun is one of the leading candidates, and a long time to stable operation with a high voltage and high field condition is required. In order to hold a high voltage equivalent several hundreds kilo-volt, high voltage (HV) conditioning process is indispensable. From the HV conditioning results of the DC-gun at the compact-ERL (cERL), we found that the electron stimulated desorption (ESD) phenomena at the anode plays an important role in determining the discharge voltage.